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You’ve taken the First Step toward finding YOUR Perfect Ring!

It may seem small, but it means you Won’t Settle for Ordinary when Extraordinary is within reach.  It means you’re not content following the crowd and don’t care if “He went to Jared”.  

Your Likes and Wants won’t be dictated by any Brand or Designer, because it’s Your Ring… NOT Neil, Vera or Scott’s Ring!

Your Perfect Ring is the RIGHT combination of…

Size & Carat Weight
for your Finger

for your Complexion

Style & Design
for your Taste and Lifestyle

Quality & Price
for your Needs & Budget

…But NEVER the right Brand or Designer!

It’s Fine to prefer a Designer’s look because you like their Style, but it’s the style you want – NOT the Designer!  NEVER sell yourself short by insisting on any Brand. It costs so much to launch & market a Brand or Designer that you pay more for the name than the Diamond!

GREAT Example:

Not long ago, a young lady visited our store on the advice of her future mother-in-law.  She explained that she found her Perfect Ring at KAY Jewelers, but it was more than their budget allowed.  She showed us the photo of a Tolkowski bridal set priced at $6,499 and said it was over $7,000 after tax and warranty!  We were pleased to show her a nearly Identical set with Better Quality Diamonds priced at only $2,800.  She even liked the profile better on our ring, so for a little over $3,000 after tax, she was thrilled to find Her PERFECT Ring.

Imagine her regret if they purchased the Tolkowski for $7,000 and then found a higher quality version for only $3,000.  And based on the difference, imagine the sort of ring she could get for $7,000 at American Jewelry Company! (I assure you it’s quite impressive.)

You shouldn’t have to pay for Good Customer Service, our Warranty is FREE!

At American Jewelry Company, we live Fine Jewelry & Diamonds… it’s not our Job, it’s our Passion!

We go to great lengths to ensure you’re getting the Best RING Possible and the Perfect Ring for YOU at Any budget.  When considering Your perfect ring, there’s a lot to think about….

  • If you’re in Healthcare and wear latex gloves,
  • focus on rings with a lower profile and fewer prongs.
  • If you Don’t think you’ll be Diligent about Cleaning your ring Weekly,
  • Try to avoid Emerald or Asscher Cut Center Diamonds or Baguette Accents. (These are step cut, not brilliant and Must be clean to stay beautiful.)

After nearly 40 years in business and $50 million in diamonds Sold, we have the Experience to be Your Expert Adviser.

Our customers’ Needs & Wants always come Before our bottom line.

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